Contenders for the Weltgeist

Hegel famously referred to Napoleon as the world soul on horseback. Sufi Muslims say more or less the same about Muhammad whereas Christians say it is Christ in the Church. Jews say it is instantiated within the line of God’s prophets all together, based in part on Judah Halevi’s transformation of Ismaili Shi’a doctrine on the Imams in the Kuzari. Mahayana Buddhists extend it to all sentient beings through buddha-nature; in Japan it is even within plant life. Reader, who will you say it is?

Image: Robert Fludd, Utriusque Cosmi Historia, A.D. 1617.

2 thoughts on “Contenders for the Weltgeist

  1. Created nature everywhere converges upon Incarnation as its guiding principle. While there are many impressive cases throughout the world’s history, the paradigmatic demonstration was Jesus. The whole record of his life is the esoteric transfiguration displayed bodily: an exemplar whose spiritual journey must, in the essentials, be recapitulated.

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