David Bentley Hart on Hell, American Orthodoxy, and Going Out of His Way to Provoke

On November 3, 2022, I had an opportunity to interview David Bentley Hart in person for content that I have largely shared as a mini-course (about 1.5 hours altogether) called “David Bentley Hart: Commentary on the Liberal Arts, Civilization, and the Future of Christianity” in connection to my work as the director of ClassicalU.com. There is a fun three-minute trailer along with a few free preview mini-lessons, but you will need to purchase a subscription in order to watch everything. If you have not read it, I reflected briefly here at the time on my experience of having a meal with Hart and interviewing him. (And Hart kindly shared this work here at his Leaves in the Wind.)

(With the 1.5 hour mini-course, all subscription purchases come with a 14-day free trial before there is any charge. If you subscribe before December 31, 2022, you can also enter our current ClassicalChristmas coupon code at the top of the checkout page to get an additional two free months. In order to purchase you will need to first register for a user account here and then be signed in before visiting our pricing page and selecting the “Start your Free Monthly Trial” button. Btw, this same subscription platform also contains 7.81 hours of Jordan Wood, so you might want to check some of that out as well.)

That being said, I did not use all of the interview content from Hart in the ClassicalU.com mini-course. Here is about ten minutes of additional content from Hart covering three topics: 1) American Orthodoxy, 2) why he often goes out of his way to provoke, and 3) his vision of hell:

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