Some Interviews with Jesse on Fairies, the Fall, and the Restoration of All Things…

I was recently invited by Steven HAuse with Love Unrelenting to talk about universalism (5 minutes), interfaith relationships (7.5 minutes), the atemporal fall (13 minutes), and the aliveness of all creation (7 minutes). Around the same time, I was invited to talk about the restoration of all things by Eric Van Evans with Conscious Philosophy (1.5 hours). For anyone interested, here are all of those:

2 thoughts on “Some Interviews with Jesse on Fairies, the Fall, and the Restoration of All Things…

  1. Off topic, but I would greatly appreciate your insight. Sam Harris recently asserted that heaven was in the sky, which obviously isn’t the case, but it did cause me to wonder about the Ascension. Do you think the early followers of Jesus believed that Heaven was beyond the clouds? Luke writes that Jesus was carried up and in Acts it’s said that Jesus disappeared among the clouds. Your thoughts?


    1. Yes, many in the New Testament and early church likely thought of Christ as reigning in a highest heaven that was physically above our own firmament. However, at least some of them would have also thought of this highest heaven in metaphysical terms at the same. Plato did not think, for example, that the movements of the visible stars corresponded exactly to the most real movements of true stars. Many would have believed that we can’t see the fullness of reality or even the fullness of spacial and temporal relationships. So modern scientific cosmology doesn’t challenge Platonic thinking, and many New Testament and early church writers would not have been as shocked by modern cosmology as people tend to assume.

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