People Seem to Enjoy Thinking and Talking About Fairies

Since this original post about Why Everyone (and Especially Christians) Should Believe in Fairies (currently, the second most-read post on this new team blog), this article’s content has been shared three times and in a couple other formats. It is delightful and a real encouragement to find that there is some interest in this topic. This post provides links to these three other locations, including a four-part series at (that includes the same content from my original article on Jesus and the Ancient Paths) as well as some new content from me on this topic within part four.

Short Video Summary

Most recently, Steven HAuse (with the Love Unrelenting channel) asked me to share about why everyone should believe in fairies:

Podcast Topic

Finally, my essay was also the subject of this podcast episode (of the same title) over at The Theology Pugcast:

Keep talking and sharing everyone…

8 thoughts on “People Seem to Enjoy Thinking and Talking About Fairies

      1. So aren’t you guilty of mass-murder every time you eat a loaf of bread? Why cut wheat stalks down mercilessly in their thousands and then get worried about a few trees?


      2. Every harvest and meal preparation and feast is a form of prayer. We all give and receive life from each other. Jesus Christ says that we are at one and the same time his body and in need of being nourished by his body. Practically, in this fleshly world, this means learning both moderation and reverence in all that we must do to sustain our own bodies. With our spiritual bodies one day, we will be fully capable of giving ourselves and receiving each other as both nourishers and nourished. There is a beautiful passage about this sense of giving our life and receiving it all at the same time within George MacDonald’s Lilith.


      3. If that’s your justification for cutting down so many ensouled stalks of wheat, what is your problem with cutting down a smaller number of similarly ensouled trees for use as fuel, as homes, or as land to grow crops?


      4. I’m not remembering any criticisms of cutting down trees in moderation and with gratitude. I don’t have a problem with that despite thinking trees very much as living spirits. Perhaps I did say something not clear at some point.


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