So they saw the resurrection of the world

From a medieval Irish text called The Evernew Tongue (Teanga Bhiothnua):

This is what has driven me to you
To explain to you the wondrous tale
Which the Holy Spirit declared
Through Moses son of Amram
Of the creation of heaven and earth
…As well as the formation of the world
Which was made possible
By Christ’s resurrection from the dead
On this day of Easter Eve

…Not knowing who had created it
Until this account came from heaven
To open everyone’s sense and intellect
So that the way of life and salvation
Might be ascertained and found by souls
For the truth of everything
Was obscure to the eye’s of Adam’s race
Save that they saw the course of the stars
The moon and sun and other stars
Which go round every day without resting
And they also they saw the world’s wells
And rivers flowing without ceasing at every time
And they saw the sadness of the earth
And the trance and sleep of the light
And the fruits at the coming of winter
So they saw the resurrection of the world
With its warmth and its light
With its flowers and fruits
At the reawakening of summer
Still they did not know who caused it.

Thank you to Justin Coutts for noting this passage.

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